Roof Repair, Lexington, NC

At the first sign of concern, contact us for an estimate for a professional roof repair.

Since a roof is designed to provide protection against wind, rain and snowfall, sunlight, pests, and other harsh elements, it has to be pretty durable. The materials used to construct residential and commercial roofs can hold up against most things, but certain situations can cause significant damage. Getting hit by a major storm is one example, which can pull shingles right off the roof or blow debris into the upper level, causing damage. When a portion of your roof is damaged, the entire structure is at risk, which is why it’s so important to reach out to our team at Hammer Time Roofing as soon as you notice signs of roof damage.

Roof Repair in Lexington, North Carolina

If you’re in the Lexington, North Carolina area, you can count on our trained and knowledgeable technicians to handle any roofing concern that may come up. One of our areas of expertise is roof repair, a cost-effective alternative to a full replacement. Before we start working on your home or business, we’ll perform an inspection to look at the extent of the damage and assess the condition of the rest of the materials. When everything else is in good shape, we’ll provide an estimate for roof repair and talk to you about the process. Our goal is to keep our customers informed when performing any type of service on the roof.

Some of the most common warning signs of a roof in need of repair include water leaks, light coming through the ceiling of the upper level, and broken or missing shingles. You may also notice that the flashing of the roof has sustained damage or that granules are accumulating in the gutters.

At the first sign of concern, contact us for an estimate on professional roof repair.

At Hammer Time Roofing, we offer roof repair services in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Mebane, High Point, Burlington, Asheboro, Clemmons, and Lexington, North Carolina.