3 Reasons to Get Your Free New Roof Estimate Before the Spring Rush

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Spring is always an energizing time for homeowners. Itching to get back outside and ready to dust off the cobwebs, honey-do lists and property maintenance projects grow exponentially. If it’s time to consider a new roof for your home, you’re not alone in feeling motivated to get a jump start on things. That’s why we recommend getting your new roof estimate before the spring rush.

3 Reasons to Get Your Free New Roof Estimate Before the Spring Rush

Here are three reasons to act now:

  1. Preferred scheduling – Beating the spring rush ensures you take advantage of our fresh seasonal calendar. Many homeowners underestimate how backed-up reliable roofers can get, and they end up having to wait longer than they’d like for their roofing project. Jumping on your new roof estimate now puts you in control of when to schedule your roof replacement, so you can work around your busy schedule.
  2. Favorable weather – Roofing is a weather-dependent industry. When you plan your roofing projects early, you’re better able to schedule the project during ideal seasonal weather conditions that increase the probability that it will be completed efficiently and on time. The earlier you get your new roof estimate, the better we can plan for favorable weather conditions.
  3. Promptly address winter woes – Winter can do a number on your roof. The older your roof gets, the more prone it is to winter damage. If it’s already nearing time for a replacement, the cold temperatures can exasperate existing weaknesses. Instead of wasting time and money on addressing these problems only to have to replace the roof later this year, now is the time to schedule your new roof estimate. You can take care of any lingering winter repairs with your roof replacement.

If it’s time for a new roof, don’t wait to get your new roof estimate. Give us a call and beat the rush!